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CPCS alumnus: Vidhi Mohan

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The independent transport consultant says CPCS showed him the importance of being culturally sensitive when doing international development work.

Vidhi Mohan joined the CPCS Alumni Network in 2019.

The economist is now helping the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, move forward with its sustainable urban transport priorities.

“Think cycling, walking and public transit,” says the transportation advisor.

Vidhi recalls fondly his time at CPCS when he was part of a global and multicultural team brimming with cognitive diversity.

“What I like about CPCS is that they have people on the ground who respect local realities,” he adds. “The firm understands the power of tackling and solving a problem through multiple points of view.”

“And the best part is celebrating a job well done with your colleagues,” he continues. “Like enjoying a nice Sri Lankan sunset at the beach after a long day of project work.”

Vidhi aleks raj infrastructure management sri lanka
From left: CPCS Aleks Prodan, Vidhi Mohan and CPCS Raj Fernando.

Who said management consulting in the infrastructure sector isn’t fun?

If you have your eyes on a management consulting career with international reach, Vidhi has this to say:

“CPCS is a consultancy in the middle. It’s not a pure engineering or technology firm, and it’s not a management consulting firm like the Big Four. Instead, it takes the technical know-how from one side and the strategic vision from the other.

“Very few firms are like that,” he concludes.

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