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Amina Gerba named to Canada’s Senate

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Amina Gerba, a multi-award-winner businesswoman and recipient of several honours, steps down as CPCS Board Member to fulfill her new role as independent Senator and serve in Canada’s Senate after being appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in July 2021.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as an external board member of your great firm. It was truly a privilege and I really appreciated discovering the excellent work that CPCS is doing all over the world and particularly in Africa,” said Amina in her resignation letter to CPCS.

Earlier in a social media post, Amina wrote how she is grateful and thanks her family, friends, colleagues, clients and business partners, who all contributed in her successful pursuit over the years to promote international cooperation between Canada and Africa.

“Who would have believed it? From my small village Bafia in Cameroon, being the 18th of a family of 19 children, the only girl in my family to have been able to attend a school, to now find myself in the Parliament of Canada, to thus be able to carry the voice of thousands of citizens, is a long story that would not fit on these few words of gratitude that I would like to share with you, dear friends.”

It was an honour to have Amina as a Board Member and CPCS wishes her all the best as she represents Canada well in this prestigious function.

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