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CPCS to design rail masterplan for Anambra State

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Nigerian State ready for modern rail network to move people and goods, alleviate road transport, and invigorate its economy.

  • Rail master plan to connect major cities, urban areas, and economic corridors
  • CPCS chosen among 10 international transportation consulting firms

CPCS has been enlisted to undertake the strategic task of designing a rail masterplan in response to the growing demand for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions in the Nigerian state.

Kicking off Anambra Rail Master Plan

Anambra rail masterplan
Photo: Anambra Government, represented by members of the Ministry of Transport and the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency (ANSIPPA), welcomed CPCS delegates, project coordinator Love Gwushim Ikah (red shirt), and to her right, senior transportation specialist Harold Hurel, to commence the Anambra Rail Masterplan project. Photo credit: ANSIPPA.

Rail and transportation advisory

CPCS will identify, among other things, which corridors within the State are appropriate for rail-based systems, which rail technology to deploy within those corridors, and how to integrate Anambra’s rail network to the larger one of the Federal Government.

George Kaulbeck, CPCS Head of Transport Advisory said:

“The Anambra State and CPCS share a common goal, and that is improving lives through better infrastructure. Our role is to help Anambra deliver on its vision of a rail network connecting its communities, while balancing its infrastructure investments across competing priorities.”

3 phases to a comprehensive rail masterplan:

  1. Route selection: In this initial phase, CPCS will meticulously assess the State’s geography and transportation needs to determine the most optimal routes for the rail network system.
  2. Feasibility study: For the second phase, CPCS will identify rail network systems, including technical and safety aspects, environmental impacts, and what it will cost to implement this rail masterplan.
  3. Business case development: The final phase will see CPCS crafting a robust business case that evaluates various aspects, including funding sources, viability, cost effectiveness, and the potential economic benefits.

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