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CPCS expands its private infrastructure investment and development group

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Transaction expert and new co-managing director Rob Graham joins CPCS team of infrastructure investment managers and developers focused on Africa.

Adding Rob to the infrastructure development advisory unit (IDU) is in direct response to a growing business line.

Amit Modi, the other managing director in charge of IDU, welcomes this move: “Rob adds on-the-ground experience and deep knowledge of Africa’s context and landscape.”

Rob has helped launch hundreds of infrastructure projects and closed more than $2.6 billion in transactions in Africa as the former head of CPCS’s power advisory practice.

“Whether it’s to support infrastructure project developers or develop the project ourselves, we’re up to the task,” says the economist.   

Infrastructure development solutions for growing economies

CPCS’s IDU works with investors, governments, donors and lenders to make transport, power and water infrastructure projects a reality.

Solutions provided to clients and stakeholders include:

  • Reducing early-stage risk and ensuring bankability throughout the development process
  • Providing development and financial advisory services and due diligence support
  • Raising and managing investment and funds for infrastructure projects

IDU has built a proprietary pipeline of infrastructure projects across Africa, assembled a growing team of investment and development experts and forged durable alliances with grant providers.

About CPCS

CPCS is a global management consulting firm in the infrastructure sector. CPCS solves tough infrastructure challenges related to transport, power and public-private partnerships. The advisory firm is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices across Africa and around the world.

For business opportunities, contact Rob Graham or Amit Modi. Write us at

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