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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

CPCS has a diverse client base and team and works in a wide variety of contexts.

For ease of reference:

  • Diversity refers to, but is not limited to, age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, indigenous status, gender expression/identity, education, religion as well as diversity of thoughts and cognitive frameworks.
  • Equity is when all individuals have equal opportunities and support to succeed and grow. It’s more than treating everyone the same way; it’s also about accommodating differences such as accessibility.
  • Inclusion is an intentional choice to ensure that all individuals are valued, respected and involved. In other words, it’s how diversity is put into action. It results in a sense of belonging.

As CPCS continues to grow, one of our key objectives is to attract, retain and nurture the most talented individuals. This is how we can best develop solutions for growing economies.

CPCS is committed to providing and fostering a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, free from barriers and psychologically safe.

Our three priorities:

Actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Seek diversity in the people we hire and promote as well as the people we do business with.
  • Welcome and include all employees; offer equal support and attention to all.
  • Offer all employees equal opportunities for professional development.
  • Give visibility, internally and externally, to a diverse pool of experts and thought leaders.
  • Support the organizational impact of our employee resource groups, including the Employee Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees; leverage diverse thinking to influence positive and concrete change.

Remove barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Ensure that hiring, evaluation and promotion processes are based on principles of individual merit and achievement, without any form of prejudice, bias or inequity.
  • Create a work environment that is free from any form of microaggression, acts of violence, harassment or bullying, by raising awareness, addressing issues and fostering an inclusive leadership.
  • Understand and address specific barriers that may hold back certain employees or groups of employees. 

Be committed to progress

  • Ensure that leadership is committed, employees are involved and all are accountable at their level.
  • Plan for action, monitor and report progress and course correct as needed.
  • Communicate this policy internally and externally and corresponding action plans.

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