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Infrastructure consultancy offsets its global carbon emissions footprint

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CPCS met its 2021 goal of becoming carbon neutral by offsetting 530 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

The international infrastructure advisory firm plans to continue offsetting its carbon emissions and investing in sustainable operations. Although CPCS generates positive economic, environmental and social value, it knows it has to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with its operations.

How CPCS offset 530 tonnes of carbon emissions

For its fiscal year 2019-2020, renewable energy specialists at CPCS looked at the sources of the firm’s carbon emission footprint. They found that nearly three-quarter of the carbon emissions came from global air travel to support clients in getting infrastructure projects off the ground. Fuel consumption for transportation and commuting and electricity use across all its global offices were also key sources.

Overall, the firm emitted 530 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in FY 2019-2020.

Sources of CPCS’s carbon emissions

This amount has been entirely offset by purchasing carbon credits through two Gold Standard-certified projects in Chad and Mozambique.

These projects have important economic and environmental impacts:

CPCS will continue to offset its CO2 equivalent each year and has made carbon offsetting projects a cornerstone of its environmental and social responsibility policy.

More on CPCS and sustainability:

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