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Consulting careers

Career paths for management consultants

In our company, we value career depth over career height.

Our two consulting tracks

At CPCS, consultants have access to a range of career opportunities. They can move between two consulting tracks to develop a deep technical expertise and broaden their skills in areas like project and people management. Some call this the T-shape concept.

At all times, both tracks interact together across our markets and areas of practice. This gives consultants full exposure to our multidisciplinary team’s wealth of knowledge and specialties.

Market-focused teams: in this track, management consultants bring market-relevant familiarity, sector knowledge as well as client and project management skills to grow our company’s operations globally, including in Africa, UK and Europe, Canada and the United States.

Technical practice: in this track, technical specialists and teams use their deep expertise and knowledge in one of our areas of practice, which are transportation, power, public-private partnerships and infrastructure analytics.i

Consulting career trajectories


Consulting career paths at CPCS

You learn the ins and outs of management consulting and becoming a valuable contributor.

Entry-level professionals learn the ins and outs of management consulting, support business development and project activities across our areas of expertise and markets.

In this role, the consultant takes on more responsabilities to support business development and projects as an analyst, researcher and project coordinator.

Senior consultants are given more complex assignments with support and guidance to lead important bids, and work towards becoming proven project managers.

At this level, principal consultants lead and are accountable for higher stakes business development and project opportunities. They also lead people and project teams as well as market development initiatives.

This role is a perfect match for entrepreneurial individuals keen to bring CPCS into a new market.

In this role, consultants take on managerial responsabilities, overseeing a market, leading people and teams as well as becoming a member of the management team.

Desk leaders are individual contributors without people management responsibilities. They are technical experts in one of our areas of specialization with a focus on deepening and putting this expertise to use across the CPCS group.

Our group’s structure

Having a sense of our consulting structure is helpful to understand career progression opportunities at CPCS. As this image shows, our consulting teams work hand in hand across our markets and areas of practice.

Total compensation at CPCS

CPCS rewards its employees with a total compensation package for the whole person that reflects our beliefs and who we want in our team. Learn more about our total compensation package.

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