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Research reveals skills gap in West Africa’s electricity sector

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Aging staff and recruitment difficulties reveal skills gap in West Africa’s electricity sector, reports CPCS. 

The electricity sector in West Africa is poised to receive large investments in the coming years. However, the numbers suggest that the sector does not have enough qualified workers to take advantage of this growth. 

CPCS compiled this report investigating West Africa’s electricity skills gap using data from more than 70 stakeholders such as utilities, ministries and universities, across 15 countries in the region.

Among key findings:

  • Nearly one-third of the staff is over 50 and will retire in the next 5-10 years
  • Staff under 30 makes up only 8 percent of the workforce
  • 60 percent of companies consider that training offered by educational institutions is inadequate
  • Women make up 22 percent of the workforce but are underrepresented in engineering

The report also identifies several root causes of the skills gap in West Africa and includes policy recommendations to help bridge it.  

Download the report.

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