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Strategic rail advisor and croissant maker Jonathan Barwick on food, infrastructure and character

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The executive transportation management consultant is known for his baking skills, and yes, it has a lot to do with his role as the UK-based Chief Operating Officer with CPCS.

What Jonathan Barwick does brilliantly is calmly delivering for clients while processing a million details around project resourcing and execution. This character trait shines through when you interact with him.

His start in waste management turned into a successful career in the transport industry. Since 2019, the jovial leader runs a UK-based team of strategic transport advisors while managing a large network of specialists, all working on cracking the solution to complex and multimillion-dollar infrastructure and railway operations projects.

When away from high-stakes infrastructure projects, he enjoys putting on his apron to become chief baking officer, making crispy and buttery homemade croissants.

As we talk, Jonathan pulls out an old slide he presented to a client that showcases delicious goods he baked to illustrate why a vision is mission-critical for every infrastructure project.

He says much of his work is like baking. “As COO, you can achieve different outcomes by adjusting a few elements. Nearly all breads are made combining only flour, water and fat in different proportions but the variation in outcomes is immense.”

Varieties of bread

You can tell his passion for baking inspires his work.

Throughout the interview with this avid collector of vintage adjustable spanners and engineering objects, it’s clear that serving others is what he likes and why he’s a respected COO.

“When I worked for a train operating company, I had a great example in a Managing Director who would roll up his sleeves and assist the crew at every occasion. From handing out newspapers, pouring tea or doing the dishes, he was most cheerful when helping others.”

Finding joy serving and helping others

“The importance of a good character has stayed with me. I want to be helpful whether when I’m giving recommendations to clients, assisting colleagues or baking croissants for my daughter’s birthday.”

On character, he says that ‘iron sharpens iron’ has been true for him. “Be intentional with who you surround yourself with as they have a significant impact on your personal and professional life.”

If you’re a partner or someone looking for a job in infrastructure management consulting, contact Jonathan Barwick and you may have a chat over a warm and fresh croissant.

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