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Shaping the Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan

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Trade and transportation data collected and analyzed by CPCS helps the Texas Department of Transportation deliver its Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan (BTMP).

The BTMP identifies transportation issues, needs, challenges, opportunities, and strategies to move people and goods across the border, in the border regions, and beyond. Consult the Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan.

CPCS, as a sub-consultant to the US firm HDR, led binational and multimodal trade and transportation data collection and analysis over the last two years of the plan’s development.

The plan was developed in collaboration and partnership with the Border Trade Advisory Committee and received inputs from more than 2,800 federal, state, regional, and private sector stakeholders from the US and Mexico. Mexico is the US’s top trading partner and the Texas-Mexico border accounts for 68% percent of total US-Mexico trade.

Telling the BTMP’s story

Look at the web-based storymap CPCS worked on to illustrate trends and changes in trade and transportation up through the year 2020 for the Texas-Mexico border.

Context: 2020 was an anomalous year for the Texas-Mexico border from shifting supply chains to border delays, implementation of the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, US-China trade changes, and more.

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