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CPCS alumna: Anne-Lise Pasquier-Fay

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Her internship at our management consulting firm paved the way to a high-powered career in management in France.

Anne-Lise interned at CPCS as part of her MBA program with Laval University.

Her time here brought her three things that she still cherishes today:

  • An appreciation for open-mindedness and a cosmopolitan work environment
  • A sensitivity to customer service
  • An interest in public-private partnerships and developing countries

Upon completing her studies, Anne-Lise brought her CPCS experience to the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lyon, where she began as a counsellor and advisor.

Anne-Lise has since risen to the rank of partnership manager. She creates and develops financial and technical partnerships with banks, insurance companies and other institutions.

We’re excited to see what new heights Anne-Lise will reach!

LinkedIn: Connect with Anne-Lise

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