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CPCS wins Millennium Challenge Corporation economic analysis agreement

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US foreign aid agency trusts CPCS advisors with a 5-year, $7.5 million ceiling multi-award blanket purchase agreement for economic analysis services until 2027.

CPCS, a global infrastructure management consultancy, has been selected among pre-vetted experts to provide independent and evidence-based economic analysis services to the Millenium Challenge Corporation.

  • Such services are to support past, ongoing, and future MCC Compacts and Threshold programs aimed at reducing poverty through economic growth in countries where the MCC works.
  • Delivery of economic analysis services by CPCS could be used for a policy and institutional reform, climate change and environmental economic modelling or public finance management, to name a few.

“CPCS looks forward to supporting the MCC’s mission and its projects through our international economic analysis expertise in the infrastructure sector and beyond,” says Hichame Selmaoui, Vice President, Growth and Operations at CPCS.

For CPCS, this win builds on previous work with the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which includes analyzing transportation costs and associated freight product prices along the Benin-Niger corridor as well as developing a practical roadmap for Senegal’s power sector and conducting economic analyses, statistical modelling and more to improve electricity supply and access in Nepal.


What are MCC Compacts? They are “five-year agreements through which the United States provides grants to partner countries to support programs to reduce poverty through economic growth. MCC compacts are designed to target key constraints to economic growth and poverty reduction and generate increased income for beneficiaries. Key constraints vary by country, and accordingly MCC compacts have funded a wide variety of projects in infrastructure (e.g., roads, power, ports, water, and sanitation), agriculture, irrigation, property rights, education, health, and financial services.”

What are MCC Threshold programs? They “assist promising candidate countries to become compact eligible by offering them the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to just and democratic governance, economic freedom, and investments in their people.”

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