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CPCS helps invigorate Senegal’s power sector

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Strategy and action plan give Senegal what it needs to modernize its electricity sector.


Senegal aims to galvanize its power sector and grant every family access to reliable power by 2035.

But getting there takes careful planning.

That’s why Senegal’s government and its partner, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), hired CPCS to develop a complete and practical roadmap for the country’s power sector. 


  • Identified challenges and opportunities in generation, transmission, distribution and rural electrification
  • Suggested reforms to attract private investment, accelerate electricity access and reduce overall costs
  • Indicated the roles and responsibilities of all sector entities 
  • Developed an action plan detailing the steps to modernize the power sector 

A project like this one is complex because reforms can’t succeed in isolation.

“We must design reforms as a cohesive package rather than looking at them individually,” says Clara Kayser-Bril, renewable energy expert at CPCS, and head of the firm’s Power advisory team.

CPCS proposed five viable strategies for stakeholders to choose from and presented them to hundreds of people at a national workshop in 2018, and one strategy stood out.

Senegal is since driving towards 2035. 


Senegal’s energy minister officially adopted the power sector roadmap in October 2019. The government, supported by MCC, is now implementing this roadmap, and CPCS is helping the MCC implement parts of it.