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Nepal: Improving electricity supply and access

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CPCS teams up with WSP Canada and Econoler to bolster Nepal’s power sector.

The challenge

Nepal is keen on improving its electricity supply to drive economic development. 

To provide a clear path for the South Asian country, the Millennium Challenge Corporation asked for expert advice.

The experience CPCS has in this area made it a top choice — especially when partnered with WSP Canada and Econoler. 

What we did  

Leading the consortium since 2016, CPCS has achieved much to put Nepal on track for sector renewal:  

  • Conducted a baseline assessment of Nepal’s power sector
  • Conducted technical, financial and feasibility analyses for proposed sector projects
  • Prepared the methodology for a willingness-to-pay survey of electricity consumption to estimate economic returns on proposed investments
  • Conducted a due diligence study for the selected projects and estimated costs
  • Supported and advised clients on program structuring and implementation
  • Provided recommendations and technical assistance to the Nepal Electricity Authority
  • Carried out an engineering review of tender documents for transmission infrastructure

“This is one of the largest projects our company has led in years,” says Livia Murray, renewable energy expert at CPCS. “From technical and economic analyses and statistical modelling to transaction advisory and capacity building, this project captures everything we do best.” 


This project will re-energize Nepal’s power sector. It will lead to new generation and transmission infrastructure and ignite policy, legal, regulatory and institutional reforms.