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CPCS and WSDOT Freight Team win coveted GIS map award

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The US team at CPCS, in collaboration with WSDOT’s Rail, Freight, and Ports Division, took home the 2023 WSDOT GIS Map Book People’s Choice Award for its Freight Plan interactive StoryMap

A digital product that CPCS built for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) caught voters’ eyes as it delivers information and context in a simple, visually compelling manner.

The awards program: Since 2003, WSDOT celebrates GIS Day by organizing a fun, informal, and internal competition that showcases the finest in spatial data and geographic information systems (GIS). Eligible products must be created or led by WSDOT staff during the past year.

  • Winning the WSDOT GIS Map Book People’s Choice Award is the equivalent of winning an Oscar, but with more scrolly-telling drama!

  • With a total of 9 submissions and 141 total votes cast, the Freight Plan interactive StoryMap dazzled voters.

Working with WSDOT: WSDOT’s Rail, Freight, and Ports Division played a pivotal role in this achievement. We commend the productive collaboration between the WSDOT team, particularly Wenjuan Zhao and Julie Jackson, and the wider CPCS team comprised of freight experts and spatial data specialists.

Check out the award-winning interactive storymap.


CPCS’s infrastructure analytics team’s exceptional artistry and cartography skills shine through in this project. We extend our gratitude to WSDOT for this fun honor and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to innovate and elevate in the realm of transportation and spatial storytelling.

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