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CPCS alumna: Rachel Aland

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Rachel Aland’s advice to new hires and those considering a career inside an infrastructure management firm like CPCS is get ready to learn a lot!

She now manages the transport strategy portfolio at the Commission on the Future of Mobility, a global coalition led by CEOs of industry and former government and public sector leaders, shaping more equitable and  sustainable policy solutions that leverage technology to improve the movement of people and goods around the world.

“CPCS has propelled my career in the transportation sector”, says Rachel, former principal consultant.

She continues to apply what she’s learned at CPCS. She recently pulled together a diverse working group of experts consisting of major transportation industry players, international organizations, public officials and academics to advise her team’s research on strategies to accelerate the digital transformation of the freight sector.

What’s great too is since joining the Commission, she’s worked alongside other alumni and anticipates future collaborations with CPCS.

It’s good seeing a former CPCSer thriving in her career and having an impact.

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