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Doing our part to fight climate change

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CPCS upholds its net-zero commitment, neutralizing 477 tonnes of carbon dioxide through 5 carbon offset projects certified by Gold Standard.

The single biggest climate impact CPCS has is working with organizations, cities and countries in need of better and greener infrastructure. Decarbonizing transport is one of many areas CPCS is helping leaders navigate for sustainable infrastructure development.

CPCS is committed to reducing and cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as investing in high-quality carbon offsets to neutralize what is unavoidable, which are primarily GHG from air travel. As a firm and advisors to infrastructure leaders, our focus is creating environmental and social value through our activities and reducing our operating impacts.

Measuring carbon footprint since 2019:

  • For 2020 and 2021 combined, the management consulting group emitted 477 tonnes of CO2, down from 530 tonnes in 2019 alone.
  • Before COVID-19, air travel accounted for 72% of the firm’s GHG emissions, followed by 12% for commuting to offices. Both dropped considerably during the pandemic.

CPCS is a global firm headquartered in a LEED Gold certified building located in Ottawa, Canada, with small offices globally, and with most of its employees working in a hybrid model.

But even all this is not enough to be net-zero. Hence why CPCS invests in carbon offset projects through Gold Standard, a credible and certified organization, to close the gap. The firm ran an all-company internal vote to which projects to invest in to remain net-zero.

Supporting credible offset projects for a lower-carbon economy

  1. Improved cookstoves in Guinea
  2. Terraclear – clean water access for families in Laos
  3. Buenos Aires renewable energy project, Brazil
  4. 20-megawatt solar project in Rajasthan, India
  5. Sidrap wind farm project, Indonesia

One tonne of CO2 is about the size of the sphere shown in this image.

One tonne of CO2 visualized as a 10 m tall bubble

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CO2 emissions CPCS released by source


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