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How it felt working in a globally distributed team

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India-based former marketing employee Ahana Datta says CPCS excels at integrating new hires and cares about their work-life situation.

If you too are based in India and considering joining this management consulting firm doing international work in the infrastructure sector, I can tell you this:

It’s well known that working hours in India are one of the longest in the world, so it felt good to work for a company that prioritizes work-life blend and respects boundaries.

I also found it refreshing having an employer with a flat hierarchical structure. People are friendly and information flows freely no matter what your title or position is.

I also want to highlight that CPCS cares about how it onboards and integrates new hires. For example, this made me feel welcomed despite never meeting my colleagues in person or setting foot in one of the company’s offices:

  • Received a detailed 90-day plan on my first day
  • Had a welcoming meet and greet with managing partners
  • Had weekly team huddles and 1-on-1 calls with my director and supervisor
  • Was encouraged to set training time aside to learn on company time

CPCS makes you feel like you belong

Not only was it my first job in marketing in a global advisory firm, but I also had a nine and half hour time difference with the rest of my team.

As you might guess, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this.

Fortunately, internal communications at CPCS are managed quite well. It’s impressive. You can feel its valued across the company. So much that my immediate team members were constantly finding ways to be more efficient and reduce communication gaps.

Feedback-rich culture

Creating graphics and packaging information into products for consultants showed me all the work and thinking that goes into making clear, concise and impactful communications.

Naturally, this comes with a lot of feedback to get it right.

While this can be uncomfortable and overwhelming when you’re new, CPCS has a feedback-safe environment where it’s normal to give each other constructive and positive feedback on our work and how we work.

All in all, CPCS is not your typical management consulting firm. The vibes are good inside this employee-owned company and I’m proud to be part of their alumni network.

Thanks to this job, I’ve learned so much about myself and gained practical skills that have been useful to me as I pursue my master’s degree in advertising at Bournemouth University in London, UK.

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