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CPCS names Erika Witzke director of freight planning and policy, US market

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Erika Witzke, Professional Engineer and nationally recognized expert in multimodal freight planning is now responsible for CPCS’s growing state and regional goods movement planning and policy services.

  • As National Director, Freight Planning and Policy for the US market, Erika will focus on developing tailored, results-focused state and regional multimodal freight, rail, and truck parking plans.

  • Erika joined CPCS in 2015 and has been part of the core team that has grown the US market. She recently served as Associate Vice President, working alongside Donald Ludlow, CPCS US Vice President.

  • She will collaborate with a deep bench of CPCS subject matter experts including Alex Marach, Eric Oberhart, Scott Drumm, Rahil Saeedi, and Laura Shabe, covering analytics, maritime, air cargo, resiliency, grants, strategy, and passenger rail.

  • This move enables CPCS to build on its track record of innovation, clear communication, and client service excellence in the multimodal freight planning space that has been the foundation of CPCS’s US practice.

  • Erika has over 25 years of experience in freight-focused transportation planning. She has directed or advised on more than 70 state freight, state rail, state truck parking, and regional goods movement plans and studies. She oversaw freight planning as the Management & Operations Program Manager for the Columbus, Ohio MPO.

  • Erika is the Chair of the Inland Water Transportation Committee of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies of Sciences. She is a co-author on inland waterway infrastructure in Women in Infrastructure, which was published by Springer in 2022.


Donald Ludlow, CPCS Partner and Vice President, US

“Erika brings the trifecta to her new role: pioneering expertise in the freight planning discipline, energetic leadership, and a results-oriented approach to project delivery—all of which build tremendous client trust. She recently directed and advised nationally significant and groundbreaking work that CPCS led, including Transport Ohio (the first IIJA-approved State Freight Plan), Kansas State Freight and Rail Plan, and the Washington State Freight Plan Update. Erika’s passion for freight planning and focus on client service are unmatched and will allow for the continued diversification and growth of CPCS in the US transport market.” 

Erika Witzke, CPCS National Director, Freight Planning and Policy, US

“This new role gives me the opportunity to blend my decades of experience in the public and private sectors to provide the best insights to our clients. My favorite part of this job is working with our clients and digging deep into their freight stories. Every state, region, and city has a unique freight system, and uncovering what makes them “tick”, providing clarity through data analysis and stakeholder outreach, and outlining a clear set of actions for my clients is what I love to do – it just never gets boring!”     

About Erika Witzke | Connect with her on LinkedIn

Erika is a skilled Project Manager with 25+ years of experience; a professional engineer; is a research-oriented, forward-thinker; translates best practices into real-world applications for state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and private sector clients; has a track record of maintaining high levels of client satisfaction; delivers results.

Her specialties include business development; project management; proposal management; staff management and mentoring; truck, rail, maritime, and intermodal freight planning and policy; performance measurement; transportation policy; strategic planning for states and metropolitan planning organizations; project funding and financing; public and private sector engagement.

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