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Rail feasibility study to connect Ethiopia-Sudan

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CPCS rail advisors tasked to study feasibility of the construction of a standard rail gauge connecting Ethiopia with Sudan.  


Ethiopia, a fast-growing landlocked country, has always depended on foreign ports for trade. The Port of Djibouti, for instance, handles about 95 percent of the country’s imports and exports.  

A standard rail gauge connecting Addis Ababa with Port Sudan, a Sudanese port on the Red Sea, has the potential to reduce Ethiopia’s dependency on the Port of Djibouti.   

Both Ethiopia and Sudan benefit from this arrangement. Ethiopia would find it helpful to have another site to handle its high volume of imports, and Sudan would make great use of an extra railway to export its raw materials.


CPCS and its team of rail specialists are preparing a study to determine if a rail gauge is feasible.  

Components of this study include: 

  • Traffic analyses and projections 
  • Engineering design and development 
  • Environmental and social impact analyses  
  • Economic and financial analyses  
  • Institutional reviews 
  • Public-private partnerships and project finance strategies  


The rail feasibility study will help the Ethiopian Railways Corporation and the Sudan Railways Corporation decide whether to build a standard rail gauge connecting Addis Ababa with Port Sudan.   

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