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Cameroon: Towards more reliable electricity transmission

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CPCS equips the Government of Cameroon with a regulatory framework and other contractual tools to improve countrywide electricity transmission as demands grow

The challenge

The Government of Cameroon is trying to make reliable electricity transmission more accessible throughout the country. A new transmission system operator (TSO) can help with that. 

What we did  

In 2016, CPCS stepped in to provide a regulatory framework for Cameroon’s TSO. 

Our infrastructure experts drew on their rich experience in power sector reforms to come up with a complete set of recommendations on implementation, policy and financing.

“The mission was to identify operationalization options for Cameroon’s new TSO,” says Hichame Selmaoui, power reform expert at CPCS.

“For one, we had to make sure the structure complied with existing laws. We then had to discuss changes regarding sector policies and provide regulatory instruments for the new market. Finally, we talked pricing for the transmission network.”

CPCS also discussed operating principles with the National Electricity Transport Corporation (SONATREL), which was appointed to operate the TSO.  


The study informed the government on how best to develop its power sector and what it needed to do to successfully integrate the TSO.

Since 2018, SONATREL has put in place new transmission lines and managed the electricity transmission network in Cameroon by itself.

The country intends to complete upgrades to its electricity transmission network by 2022.