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CPCS enables Caribbean’s energy transformation

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CPCS behind Green Climate Fund funding proposal for the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) that’s aimed at facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy and resilient energy sector by increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency in the region.


Sector: Energy

Client: Caribbean Development Bank

Client type: Development bank

Location: Barbados, Jamaica, Belize and Guyana

Project type: Climate finance

Advisory services: Feasibility Analysis, Demand Analysis, Financial Modeling, Programme Design




CPCS is a firm that facilitates and advises clients on decentralized renewable energy and program development. To this effect, CPCS completed for the CDB a funding proposal to the Green Climate Fund for scaling up the deployment of integrated utility services in the Caribbean region.

Services provided:

  • Assessed current and projected climate change challenges in each country and articulated the vision for a low emissions and climate-resilient energy sector.

  • Recommended solutions to make the Integrated Utilities Services model feasible from a regulatory standpoint.

  • Identified eligible distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, including solar rooftop, solar water heaters, efficient lighting, efficient cooling.

  • Assessed market demand and technology availability in each country.

  • Developed the consolidated feasibility study and a comprehensive financial model.

  • Formulated the funding proposal and all other relevant annexes.

Zoom out: The program will initially support Barbados, Belize, Guyana and Jamaica to reduce and avoid greenhouse gas emissions and enhance resilience by increasing uptake of distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency among electricity users.

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