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Metrolinx trusts CPCS as project sponsor

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CPCS is trusted by transportation organizations as a leading provider of sponsor services.


Sector: Transport, rail

Client: Metrolinx

Client type: Public transportation agency

Location: Ontario, Canada

Project type: Project leadership

Advisory services: Project management, Capacity Building and Training, stakeholder engagement; Sponsorship.



For Metrolinx, CPCS supported the Sponsor Practice Office (SPO) by delivering a package of work to standardize and better enable the Sponsor practice at Metrolinx through advice, guidance, and the development of tools, guides, and processes.

Services provided:

  • Developed a suite of products, processes and guides that are mapped to the project lifecycle, as well as having a consistent look and feel.

  • Delivered a set of 8 Sponsor case studies and roleplay scenarios relevant to the Metrolinx Sponsor accountabilities, which are to be used as activities to develop Sponsor competencies in the organization.

  • Provided advice and guidance to the SPO on Stage Gate processes, as well as drafting, designing, and developing instructions for Sponsors to ensure a consistent approach to Stage Gate 4 & Readiness for entry in operational service.

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