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Liberia: Overhauling its inland storage infrastructure

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CPCS helps Liberia get its first modern inland storage and distribution facility.


Economic growth in Liberia is outstripping its inland storage capacity and logistics services. 

“Currently, many Liberians have no choice but to stash their goods at the national port,” says Diran Adejumo, senior financial and market analyst at CPCS. “It’s cramped, expensive and inadequate for most types of goods.”

To help Liberia pivot, InfraCo Africa tasked CPCS to evaluate the feasibility of an open-access inland supply and distribution facility (ISDF). World-class inventory systems and multiple temperature-controlled storage rooms will outfit what will be the first of many advanced commercial warehouses in Liberia.


CPCS is conducting three studies to assess the project’s feasibility:

  • Research the demands for the ISDF’s services
  • Undertake a financial analysis of the ISDF
  • Validate customer interest and willingness to pay for the ISDF

“We’re very excited about making this whole thing works,” says Diran. “The country could really benefit from a facility like that.”


The ISDF can help the country in many ways. Sensitive and high-value goods from multinational organizations, including UN agencies, will find a safe shelter there. Farmers and traders will appreciate the cold storage rooms for fruits and vegetables. Above all, the ISDF will provide some breathing space for the port.

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