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Rolling stock and depot investments valuation for UK client

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CPCS provided asset valuation services for financiers 


Sector: Transport, rail

Client: Multinational banking financial services institution

Client type: Private

Location: Europe

Project type: Analysis

Advisory services: Valuation services



Assignment: Our client sought our expertise to meticulously examine the fair market or present value of their rolling stock fleets and depot investments.

Outcome: We equipped our client with a detailed valuation report that provided it investors with an independent and nuanced understanding of our client’s rail asset portfolio, including realistic, optimistic, and pessimistic valuations for each fleet and depot.

CPCS analysed key aspects of each asset, including lease terms, income projections, potential modifications, and market conditions. The valuation process considered alternative uses, competitors’ assets, and the financial and non-financial aspects of the entire fleet and depot.

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