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Democratic Republic of Congo: Accelerating a special economic zone in Kinshasa

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CPCS experts help the Democratic Republic of Congo find a private developer to manage its special economic zone in Maluku, Kinshasa.


The Democratic Republic of Congo was looking for the right developer to manage a special economic zone of 244 hectares in Kinshasa through a public-private partnership (PPP).

As this was a big responsibility, the Congolese government chose CPCS to help with the search.

“We found the right partner to build infrastructure within the zone, promote it and manage it,” says Hélène Larroque, PPP expert at CPCS.


The experts at CPCS completed the following tasks:

  • Diagnosed and reinforced the legal and institutional framework for Special Economic Zones
  • Identified possible PPP implementation models
  • Managed a competitive tender for PPP implementation 
  • Assisted the government to draft and negotiate the PPP contract

“We wanted to empower government officials and find them a good and reliable private partner after the tendering process,” adds Hélène. “We taught them how PPPs work so they can have the right conversations and make decisions with confidence.”


CPCS finished the tendering process and recommended the government to partner up with Strategos, an American management consulting firm.

CPCS is currently supporting the Congolese government in its negotiations with Strategos in advance of the PPP contract signing.