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CPCS insights inspire Ontario Line

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Insights from CPCS transportation advisors inspired the Ontario Line, a game changer for Toronto’s transit users.


Sector: Transport, Major Projects

Client: Metrolinx

Client type: Public transportation agency

Location: Ontario, Canada

Project type: Project development

Advisory services: Economic Analysis, Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling; Preliminary and Conceptual Design



Metrolinx sought CPCS’s expertise to develop a business case for an alternative to the Downtown Relief Line (DRL) in Toronto.

CPCS produced an initial business case for a longer, cheaper DRL alternative, distinct from the traditional TTC subway, that would provide additional transit capacity into downtown Toronto, support employment development to the east and west of downtown, provide improved downtown distribution for the GO rail system, and support residential densification along any proposed Line route.

This proposed line, known as the Ontario Line, was later unveiled by Ontario’s government in April 2019.

Services provided:

  • Estimated construction capital costs for proposed alignments, and for identified alternative configurations, including soft costs, consultants, interest and allowances for expropriations.

  • Estimates of property acquisition, operating and maintenance costs.

  • Outline modelling of Cost:Benefit ratios for DRL alternative.

  • A preliminary financial model showing projected cashflows for planning, design, property acquisition, construction, and operations.

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