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Rail valuation services for UK rail investor

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Client enlists CPCS for rail investment opportunity in UK business


Sector: Transport, rail

Client: Rail company

Client type: Private sector

Location: United Kingdom

Project type: Project development, feasibility analysis, market analysis, due diligence

Advisory services: Financial analysis, revenue forecasting



Assignment: Our client is interested in becoming a shareholder in a UK rail business and sought our expertise for a detailed review and valuation of that business, including the assets and land.

Zoom out: Over the next years, our client is planning to invest over £1 billion (approx. $1.3B USD) in the UK rail sector, with a focus on new and refurbished vehicles for passengers and freight customers.

Services provided:

  • Review of the various assets and land owned by the rail business, including facilities, plant and equipment, capacity; and
  • Review of the business turnover, sales pipeline, and profitability.

From this, CPCS estimated the value of the business using the value of assets, land, and projected sales, using several discounted cash flow scenarios and sensitivity reviews.

Outcome: A client equipped with a compelling business case to support decisions, discussions, and potential shareholding opportunity in the targeted rail business.

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